Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Life kick-starts @ ISB

My sojourn @ ISB has kick-started with the beginning of this month and its not unexpected to find that its very very busy. Lot has been heard from the outgoing batch about the busyness at ISB and so it is. Since the beginning of this month, the life is getting exponentially busy and its just 9 days in the term 1 that I have finally decided to write. Thanks to motivation I got from S.

First it was just the pre-reads that were needed, then came the assignments of all the courses, then quizzes and then slowly backlog of everything get building up and you happen to realize late enough to really do justice to everything. Then you look for short cuts. Like instead of reading the entire chapter of Marketing Management book, read just the summary given at the end of each chapter or just download some ppt slides of the chapter concerned and go through it. I am sure lot such techniques will get added to my archery in the course of time.

There is unlimited opportunity to pursue whatever you want. If you want to do maggai* all day you can do that, if you want to play then you have an excellent REC centre where you can play and enjoy whatever game you want to do. If you want to do masti and party around all days, you will find some where or the other a party going on every night. You can ample reasons to celebrate, so no dearth of opportunities and like minded/ interested people. So you gotta decide where your balancing line has to come.....

Lot to happen as things move... As is said "Trauma transforms".