Monday, June 12, 2006

How it feels to be 12.5% MBA? - Part 1

I know I have been more than irregular in writing my blog. I have been trying for sometime to be really inspired by alums of the last batch who have been more than regular in doing so, but things haven't worked that great for me in Term 1 in those respects. Yes, my term 1 has ended, though final results are awaited. I expect to pass in all so I should call myself a 12.5% MBA. I know its dangerous as half knowledge is worse than no knowledge.

Term 1 went well with some very excellent faculty teaching us. The insight in to the Game Theory was just awesome. The content of the subject, teaching pedagogy, the faculty's delivery just enthralled us. On the last day, when we were asked to fill feedback forms, I just peeped into some of the filled forms and found that most of the students have rated him 7 out of 7 on all major aspects. He was certainly remarkable. The extra lecture he took on the acution theory, his main area of interest and study, was very enlightening as we gained insight into the historical origin of auctioning and various types of auctioning - English Ascending, Sealed Bid 2nd Price, Dutch Descending and Sealed bid 1st price. One of the important learning was that in conventional auctions, second highest value is the final bid value. It was a quite surprise that even in a bid the auctioned item doesn't get the highest value but the second highest value.

There were some great learnings in other subjects as well which I have to move to the part -2 of this blog in the interest of my time.

I should now better get down to the pre-reading for the competitve strategy course. The pre-reading is colossal for this course with nearly 100 pages to be read for the first class. Its going to be a challenge for a ultra slow reader like me. But I know one thing that I would be able to finish this before the class tomorrow because I am good at finding short-cuts and I will find one.