Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life since ISB..

Life after ISB started with a lull. At ISB, there is so much action to life that you are used to living that kind of life and then suddenly that episode of your life ends.

I had few to-do for this "total free" period. I visited Ladakh. I had been planning for so long to do this and this was the best time to do as your life may not in your total control after that. Ladakh trip was one of my best expedition trip ever. It was just amazing to see places like Khardung -la, Nubra Valley, Chung-la, Pongong lake etc. Fortunately, I happened to get pre-joining bonus from my to be employer and I could buy digital SLR camera , NIKON D80,one I was thinking to get for some time. I could make full use of it on my Ladakh trip. The pics came just amazing.

I had also planned to go to Badrinath, kedarnath as I had one more month to go before my joining in July. I planned this trip for month of June, but then suddenly joining date got preponed and I joined the new job on 4th June.

Ever since I joined the job, the life got a full throttle. The very first week, I was staffed on an already running case, one going through severe resource crunch. So there was lots and lots of work to do, pressure to learn things very fast and deliver. This required lot of night-outs , extremely long days with no breaks and lot of fire-fighting. A tough phase I must say. Everyone has to go through this, that's important part of learning at consulting, one of the most amazing career option.

Life getting to some ease, but will not be same for long. Let's see.

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