Thursday, August 17, 2006

Absolutely craZy life at the moment....

Things have been really craZy for me here. I am not sure whether there are really too many things for me to do or I am missing on the time management skills. Before coming to ISB and also in the first term, I used to hear from my friends that I am good at time management. But it’s hard for anyone to say the same now. I have mostly preferred to sleep by 1 am in the night with some exceptions of a day or two in a month, but this term3 is weird (Yes! I am in term 3 and its right that I haven't written my blog since the end of Term1...). It’s the other way round now. It’s just only few days in this term that I could have managed to sleep by then. I have been working till the sunrise and sleeping then only for couple of hours. Every day there are assignments that need to be submitted before the professor wakes up. A very interesting thing happened on one of such nights. I was feeling very sleepy but there was an important assignment to be completed that night. I had done the calculations in the Excel and was in the process of coping them into Word to prepare report. I pressed CTRL+C to copy from excel with the intention to press CTRL+V in the word file, but I crashed immediately after pressing CTRL+C. It was only after some time that my groupees came in and say my condition that they suggested that I return to my quad and take sleep.

Various questions haunt me! Have my skills gone for a toss with increasing pressure or I am facing commonly shared problem. I have to think and work out a new strategy. I have taken off today from all the assignments etc to spend sometime thinking about this.

Few things I plan to do

- Control the time I spend here and there doing gossiping.
- Try to inculcate the theory of "let it go". One cannot drive everything to perfection. Build a natural ability to evaluate effort from the marginal benefit perspective. This in simple words could mean Pareto law (80/20 rule).
- Focus on key things only. One cannot work on everything. One need to find important levers and work on them.

I will be doing more of thinking on this front.

Lots of things have happened in last few weeks about which I want to blog. Let me see how soon I will be able to do that.

Happy Janmashtmi fellow Krishna Devotees!!

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