Monday, August 28, 2006

It's exam time here

All of us here are deeply nose-dived into studies. Yes! its exam time. Next two days we have Term 3 end term exams. Tomorrow (It will be today once I wake up in the morning) its Managerial Accounting, in the morning followed by Operations Management in the post noon session. On Tuesday, we have corporate finance and Entrepreneurship. We are allowed to carry 1 page cheat sheet in all exams, but one (it being open book). So the night time is busy in arranging for cheat sheet. There are many cheat sheets roaming around. I am not interested in studying further, just waiting for accounting cheat sheet to come from one of my friend (altruistic soul, the official cheat sheet maker) . He said he will be sending near 1am.

I am leaving for back home for my term end break. I would be at my home. It’s party time back at my home. My father has got a long awaited promotion. Promotion is a big event in government jobs, unlike the private jobs, where promotions are common news.

Best of luck to all my batch mates!!

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Indranil said...

Buddy, awaiting your next posting. Will catch u over the phone very soon. Interesting reading though.