Thursday, August 17, 2006

What I missed on 15 August this year?

I regret a lot of not doing one thing this Independence day which is not being able to participate in "Bandan" organiszed at ISB by NetImpact club. From what I heard, this was an awesome event. Nearly 200 children from various NGO visited ISB to meet us all. These children put up a great show. Some of blind students were Sidhartha Basu of tomorrow, absolutely Quizzing Guru. They gave a tough time to even the Quizmaster. It was amazing to hear that these blind children had phenomenal knowledge about things around them in-spite of not everything accessible/suitable for them to read. I also heard that few deaf children danced marvelously to the tune of the Rang de Basanti. Its just unbelievable!!. From what I came to know from a friend of mine who actually saw them doing this magic was that at the beginning of the song, they were getting told that a particular song is going to start now and then they will dance by internally counting 1,2,3,4,... 1,2,3,4 repeatedly to figure out what dance step to take and also to synchronize their steps among themselves. This was the way they have learnt about the song. They truly enjoyed performing it and were the stars of the event.

This confirms an important point that the one enjoys music not because of lyrics or tune of the song but the feeling of it, which to some may come through lyrics/tune.

I regret of not being part of it and I know this regret is not ephemeral.

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