Friday, March 23, 2007

"God is dead"

No, I am not an atheist. Don't misunderstand me. This is a quote by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This is mentioned by Nietzsche in "Thus spoke Zarathustra" The quote was mentioned to arise the will of action in the common masses. This quote also signifies the philosophy opposite to that of destiny, where everything is believed to be pre-destined and a person is just a means to the end. The beginning and end are pre-decided. Man just works towards it. This was against contemporary belief of Christianity which Nietzsche proposed at that time.

The quote is not be meant in literary terms. It's the author's way of saying that God is no longer capable of acting as a source of moral code. Here death of God means the death of old moral codes and theology.

There is lot to it and an interesting read. Wikipedia is a good source to start if interested.

We had a discussion on this subject in our Leadership lessons through World Literature. Some other interesting quotes which stuck me are...

"Only the day after tomorrow belongs to me, some are born posthumously"

"Virtue of meek is important"

" Friends should be enemy"

"Good happens, evil has to happen"

This course's classes give a lot different and interesting perspective. It's hard for person who is not well read to get such perspective. Besides that one doesn't get to know about lot many literatures in such a small time through class settings.

I would certainly share some more of thoughts on this later...

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Mandrake said...

god is indeed DEAD !

All 'things'created, needs to be NUTURED,
otherwise it DIES !

GOD doesn't need mankind
mankind NEEDS GOD !!!