Saturday, March 17, 2007

The beginning of the end ..

I have been getting mails from some of friends complaining about my irregularity in blogging. I don't think I was irregular. I never wrote anything :) Last time I blogged was 6 month back. This is not ir-regularity, its gross absence :)

I am thinking of starting back. Lots of free time these days that I can utilize in a better way. Its just 20 more days of MBA left. Then there will be lull for couple of months before I join B**.

This time will never come back. College days- stay with friends, etc- are always the most interesting times of one's life. Memories of these days will always bring smile and joy. So it would be good idea to document some of these days.

My attempt in next few days would be to blog about my experiences, the fun I had here etc. I will also try to talk about few books I have been reading these days and disperse some Gyan.

There will some sharing of the gossips going on campus these days as well.

So friends, keep reading.. I am keeping an eye on the readership counter...

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